The Top 8 Design Tips to Consider When Building Your Home

Are you really planning to build a new home? Then make sure you read the tips one of Australia’s leading home builders focusing on current and modern homes, from home building pro Metricon. The next top 8 designs tips will place you on the correct trail if you want your house to be as practical as possible.

1. The Open Floor Plan

Anyone constructing a brand new home should consider an open floor plan, as it creates a larger living area to entertain in and a versatile space. As it brings all the living spaces inside your home into one big space, an open floor plan is both inviting and functional to families. Metricon’s Chicago screen home is one of the many designs that offer open plan modern living which gives the main living spaces connectivity, giving a feeling of space to your house design.

2. Less Is More

In accordance with Metricon, the time of houses that are cluttered is long over, which is why it's important to incorporate lots of built-in storage space in your new house design. At adding shelving, cupboards and practical wardrobes into your new residence to avoid making your room feel littered look. At Metricon, we incorporate many storage choices in our designs for all spaces of your house. So whether you happen to be constructing a house only for a family that is big or yourself, we can provide you with all the storage options you need, from walk in robes to butler's pantries.

3. Road Allure

First impressions last and the outdoor design of your brand-new home is one you want to choose carefully. It's very important to consider when choosing your facade, how your new house will look from the curb in addition to fit into the street you're building in. It's also crucial that you choose surfaces and colors, materials which will complement each other so there's a sense of cohesion in the visual appearance of your house.

4. Practical Bathrooms

Building a spacious toilet is on most people’s wish list. At Metricon, we have made sure all our layouts both incorporate space saving storage ideas as well as feel open and functional. It's important to select coloring's and fixtures to make you room feel more open which may contain paint colours and light colored wall tiles. Clever storage solutions are the secret to any bathroom. Let’s confront it, no house has enough storage in linen cupboards, thus introduce more storage in the bathrooms as the less clutter you might have, the better. It will also create an illusion of a space that is bigger. Click Here For

5. Modern Fixtures and Fittings

One of the benefits of a brand new house is the opportunity to choose fittings and features that represent your personal preference and lifestyle. Special attention has to go into selecting the finishing touches. Each of our Metricon dwellings has a contemporary allure, created with an appropriate balance of fixtures and quality fittings. When building a fresh home, you might have the choice to select many items for example tapware, tiles, sinks, basins, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, seat tops, appliances and door handles, which can help you to personalize your new home and cater perfectly to your lifestyle.

6. Blend Modern with Traditional

Contemporary is a popular design choice for many, nevertheless to ensure your brand-new home design remains ageless; add some traditional touches to your design. Home owners can appreciate a modern but timeless house which is not going to date in years into the future by mixing both of these styles together. Metricon’s Bordeaux design is the perfect example of linking these two design elements. Keep in mind, its fundamental to make your brand-new house design finishes and feel like a property by the addition of your own private touches.

7. Let There Be Light

Houses used to be designed with doors that were narrow and small windows. These trends have altered and Metricon focuses on maximizing natural light in our house designs. A suggestion to enable you to incorporate this design element is always to choose large windows, glass sliding doors, light wells and glass panels into your front door.

8. Do Not Be Scared of Luxury

Creating a house that looks and feels luxurious does not always need to come with an expensive cost. Metricon has a wide selection of Designer house designs available which encompass modern luxury living with an affordable cost. A trick we give our customers to help them make their dwelling feel luxury would be to add quality fixtures and finishes including quality flooring, high ceilings and fixtures that are classic throughout.
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